Imagine your home being burnt down by soldiers when you’re eight years old. Imagine becoming the girlfriend of your married … More


“There’s another one in the bathroom!” she shrieked, barrelling into the kitchen and scuttling straight into me. “Careful,” I said, … More

Joe and the Rabbit

The doorbell rings. The doorbell rings again. The doorbell rings a third time. Joe sticks his hand out from under … More


“Hello, good morning!” says the shop assistant. “Welcome to our little emporium! Anything in particular you’re looking for?” “I’m not … More

Hereness and Nowness

hold the hereness know the nowness not the thereness thenness nor the ifness whenness let go the whatness whereness whyness … More

The Week Before Christmas

This story was written for Jazz Community Church‘s Carol Service at St Martin in the Bullring in Birmingham. It’s 8.35am … More