Claire has written blog posts, children’s stories and even a play for Southall Transition. Her work was instrumental in helping the organisation get off the ground. She pays careful attention to what is required and has a talent for taking vague concepts and making them more tangible through her writing. I found her to be highly productive and very easy to work with.

Mani Dhanda, Chair (Southall Transition)

Claire is a proactive, resourceful, and creative individual who is a natural writer and quick learner. She began her freelance position at TicketSource with little to no knowledge of our system and in no time at all was able to clearly articulate our services in a tone of voice that matched our brand. She successfully managed multiple projects and coordinated working with others inside and outside of the organisation. Claire is a great addition to any team and I would highly recommend her for any position.

Terry Rosoman, Head of Marketing (TicketSource)

The postcard activity that Claire facilitated was an extremely effective way to engage informally with local residents and gauge their feedback on the community in which they live. The openness to choose how you wanted to ‘paint your own picture’ of the local area (whether that be through the use of words, drawings, doodles, poetry etc) meant that the activity was open to all ages and abilities.

Lisa Roberts, Community Projects Officer (Trivallis)

For over 12 years, Claire has regularly written scripts for our use. These range from short monologues and duologues to full length pieces for numerous cast numbers, including a piece that went on to be filmed and shown in secondary schools around the UK. Claire’s writing always reflects the needs of our company, and is delivered within the time frame given and at an excellent rate. We particularly enjoy her creative way of thinking outside the box when given a topic to write for, her witty use of language and her ability to create pieces that are easy for our company to produce. We are sure to continue to draw on her expertise for many years to come.

Naomi Woodruff, Student Team Director (RPA, Birmingham)

Claire is an astute listener and very ably understood our needs as a client. We needed to raise nearly £100,000 a year to fund youth work in Southall and she identified the needs of our context and how our project would meet those needs. She then surveyed possible grant funding sources. She has a particular gift in writing and making our applications sell themselves. Her success rate was high and successfully enabled our football project and youth projects to thrive for a number of years. Claire also kept us on track with monitoring and evaluating our projects for the grant makers. She did all this with a calm and measured approach which was at the same time consistently hopeful. A hope which was proved to be fulfilled.

Revd Christopher Ramsay, Vicar (St George’s Church, Southall)