Sketches for student showcases

My short scripts for the end-of-year student showcase at RPA in Birmingham are written for one or two performers, with mostly non-gender specific roles.

Working to a given theme, my scripts explore quirky angles. In The Scent of Freedom, an assistant in a department store perfume counter realises you can’t bottle freedom. In Joe and the Rabbit, Joe must answer for his actions to a six-foot-tall rabbit. In Spice, a customer tries to take stock of life, without buying too much stock. In For the Love of Darwin, two chefs negotiate bad language and belief. And, in Timetable, a passenger discovers a new meaning to train times.

Spice was re-written into a short story, Seasoning, which won first prize at the Aber Valley Arts Festival. Also available are prose versions of Joe and the Rabbit and For the Love of Darwin.