St David’s Way

For centuries, people have walked to St David’s in Pembrokeshire where Wales’ patron saint founded his monastery. I joined Phil and Elaine Brennan, David Pepper, Iain Tweedale and Ailsa Richardson for two days of wonderful walking along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path from Fishguard towards St David’s.

Phil asked me to contribute a reflection on St David’s Way to the Waterford Camino blog:

When you’re walking St David’s Way, the path doesn’t request your presence. It requires it. You must think with your feet as you navigate the ever-changing texture of the terrain. Sometimes gentle on grass or gravel, sometimes rough across rocks or ruts, sometimes shifting over sand or shingle; always back and forth between inlets and outcrops, always up and down from coves to cliffs. It won’t let your mind drift off to those unanswered emails, that unresolved argument, the unpaid bill. The path needs you to be where you are, and it rewards you richly for your attention. Read more.